.                       Photo Taken at the Falls in Orleans,Vermont

                                                                                                  FISH ON!

          Hi, my name is Mike Royer. I am the owner and creator of I Fish Rivers.  I am from  Northern Vermont in a little town called Irasburg.  I am from a huge family that consists of over 300  people. We are a close netted family.

         Let me tell you about my new product, Imitation Fish Eggs. I am so excited about it!  In fishing rivers, real fish eggs catch fish and is widely used. I've come up with an imitation fish egg that when tied up looks and works exactly like the real thing. I almost think even better.  When a fish hits it , it destroys it just like it does with the real  eggs. Leaving only the netting.  It has no smell but if you would like, you can add your own scent to it. It is environment friendly and the main thing is, it is non-toxic.  It comes in multiple colors Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, and even Blue. We are working on many other colors. 

         I've also made a video for everyone to watch to show  you how to turn my imitation fish eggs into imitation fish egg sacs  with  spawn netting. The nice thing is it seems to last forever. You can make your egg sacs anytime. You can leave them right on the counter at room temperature, but we suggest you put them in the refrigerator. Do not freeze them or leave out in direct sunlight.

        Some of the fish that have been caught with my imitation fish eggs are Rainbows, Browns, Salmon, Brook Trout, and also some Perch and White Fish.  Hopefully other species will be added once our product gets out there. We ask any of you that catch a fish, if you would like, post pictures on my facebook page. All you have to do is LIKE us on FACEBOOK. We would love any feedback, whether its good or bad.  Please visit us often as we will be releasing new product down the road.

                                         I wish you all great fishing!

     I Fish Rivers family history of fishing